Saturday, November 26, 2011

Dia's Testimony - God Is Stronger Than E.D!

This is probably the most inspirational video I ever seen in my life. Dia is living proof that recovery from eating disorders IS possible! It really IS! E.D. is not the boss of you and you do not have to live in bondage anymore! Healing is an ongoing process, but the first step is just letting go and giving it to God. Trust that He is in control and you don't have to be anymore! One of my favorite recovery quotes is this: You have a choice. Sick little girl who misses out on everything. Or real girl who lives. Try it.

We Are Never Alone,

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  1. Hey Bookworm,

    Thank you for your comment! My ED isn't because I have a fear of gaining weight, either. Actually, it's a deep-rooted fear of food and the pain it causes me. I am very sensitive to food, and because of that, I was looking for anything to take the pain away. Now it's ended up doing just the opposite.

    And AMEN...God is so much greater than ED. He's my rock in these tough times.

    Thank you for your prayers. Bless you. :D